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Brick Monument Sign Led Lights

LED Display and Monument Sign

Central Louisiana Technical Community College Monument Sign with LED Lighting
Central Louisiana Technical Community College Monument Sign LED Lights

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s more important than ever for churches, places of worship, and schools to stand out from the crowd and make a strong impression. Custom monument signs by HLA Sign Company Louisiana offer an opportunity to enhance your visibility, convey your mission, and welcome visitors and members near Alexandria, Leesville, Shreveport, Mansfield and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Custom Monument Signs from HLA Sign Company?

Durability and Longevity: Monument signs are constructed here in Louisiana from high-quality materials, such as brick, aluminum, metal, etc. ensuring they can withstand the rigors of our hot and humid Louisiana weather and time.
High Visibility and Impact: Their size and placement make them highly visible, even from a distance, making them ideal for attracting attention to your location. With LED lighting your monument sign will garner attention both day and night. From Shreveport to Leesville and Alexandria to Baton Rouge.
Brand Identity Reinforcement: Custom monument signs can be designed to reflect the unique character and values of your organization, strengthening your brand identity.
Timeless Appeal: Monument signs have a classic and elegant look that never goes out of style, ensuring they remain an attractive and effective marketing tool in Louisiana for years to come.

Benefits of monument signs for Churches and Places of Worship in Louisiana

Enhance Visibility and Welcomeness: Guide visitors and members to your sanctuary with a welcoming and informative monument sign near Leesville or Many, Louisiana. HLA Sign Company will assist you in designing, manufacturing and installing a monument sign that will be highly visible both day and night.
Communicate Your Mission: Use the sign to display messages that convey the values and beliefs of your congregation.
Build Community Involvement: Highlight upcoming events and programs to foster a sense of community and encourage participation. With the use of a led display also known as an electronic message center you have the option of programming custom messages which can be displayed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Benefits for Schools in Louisiana Parishes

Showcase Your Institution: Create a grand entrance for students, parents, and visitors with a stately monument sign and led display. With a full color led display you can broadcast your school’s upcoming events to students and families near by Alexandria, Leesville, Shreveport, Many, and surrounding areas throughout Louisiana.
Promote School Spirit: Design the sign to include the school’s mascot, colors, and logo, fostering a sense of pride and unity.
Guide Visitors and Families: Provide clear directions and information to help visitors navigate the campus with monument signs, directional signs, post and panel signs.

Customization Options

HLA Sign Company is your local sign company that can custom design and manufacture your new monument sign, offering a wide range of customization options to tailor them to your specific needs. The following link shows numerous projects by HLA Sign Company

Materials: Choose from brick, aluminum, metal, led display, electronic programmable display, or other suitable materials to match your architectural style.
Size: Select a size that is appropriate for your property and visibility needs so all text is legible from a distance at highway speed limits.
Shape: Opt for classic rectangular, arched, modern shapes, or custom designs. Incorporate your company logo and led lighting so your custom sign will grab more attention.
Inscriptions: Include your organization’s name, school name, logo, mission statement, mascot, and any other relevant information.
Lighting: Add illumination to your sign to enhance its visibility at night or in poor weather conditions. LED lighting will save energy while producing a beautiful well lit sign.


Custom monument signs for your church, place of worship, school, university, business, etc. are a strategic investment that can serve you for decades to come. By enhancing visibility, conveying your mission, and welcoming visitors, these signs can help you build a strong presence in the community and make a lasting impression. Contact a HLA Sign Company today to discuss your custom monument sign needs and create a beacon for your organization. Call HLA Sign Company today (318) 295-2035.

Petroleum Fuel Price Signs for Convenience Stores: LED Digital Signs

LED Digital Petroleum Fuel Price Sign
LED Digital Petroleum Fuel Price Sign
Convenience Store Canopy Gas & Diesel Price LED Digital Sign

LED Digital Petroleum Fuel Price Signs are ideal at convenience store locations here locally in Louisiana because of the clear numerals and custom controls. Local convenience stores, petroleum and service stations have particular signage needs for advertising gas prices & diesel prices. HLA Sign Company LED Digital Fuel Price Signs are easy to maintain and operate.

Our Gas & Diesel Fuel Price LED Digital Signs are a complete sign solution, customizable to include your LED Digital Display, mounting fixture, and we can even include your business logo, providing an eye-catching sign in front for your business near Alexandria, Leesville, Shreveport and surrounding areas.

LED Digital Sign controls let you set fuel prices conveniently and quickly. Also, customizable brightness settings automatically adjust to appropriate lday and nighttime light levels, providing vibrant digital displays around the clock. Along with a durable, weather-proof digital display, the character sizes range from 8 to 24-inch numerals with gallon or liter pricing in red, green, amber, or white visible here locally.

Call HLA Sign Company to discuss the benefits of designing and installing your custom LED Digital Fuel Price Sign today!

Hotel High Rise Sign and LED Marquee Sign, Metairie Louisiana

Digital LED Hotel Marquee Sign, In Town Suites, Metairie Louisiana, HLA Sign Company
In Town Suites Hotel Sign and LED Electronic Marquee Sign Metairie Louisiana
Hotel Sign, Lighted Sign w/ LED Message Center

High Rise Hotel Signs paired with a Programmable LED Marquee Sign really do a fantastic job of getting your business noticed.  Increase sales with a flashing advertisement. Program a message for morning traffic, another message for afternoon traffic and different advertisement for evening traffic.  Messages can even be programmed months in advance, freeing up more of your valuable time.  

Thinking about upgrading your current sign(s), reach out to HLA Signs today.  Let’s get your business noticed!

Flag Pole Sales, Installation, and Maintenance

Flag Pole Sales and Installation, Flag Pole Repairs, Aluminum or Fiberglass Flagpoles, Louisiana, HLA Enterprises

Aluminum Tapered Flagpole Installation Baytown Texas

HLA Signs Your Full Service Local Louisiana Sign Company

Flag Pole Sales and Installation, Aluminum and Fiberglass Flagpoles, Statewide Louisiana
Aluminum Flag Pole Installation
Aluminum Flag Pole Installation, Louisiana
Flag Pole Foundation & Installation
HLA Signs statewide supplier of flag poles, flags, and flag pole accessories.  Flag pole sales and installation, Louisiana
Custom Flags and Flag Pole Beaded Retainer Ring & Weight

HLA Signs, Flag Pole Supplier & Installer in Louisiana and the Gulf South.  HLA Signs is a supplier of quality flag poles, aluminum flag poles, tapered flag poles, fiberglass flag poles, flags, and accessories.  We offer complete full service flag pole installation service (flag pole foundation, flag pole base mount & cover, aluminum flag pole and fiberglass flag pole), accessories (beaded retainer rings, weights, ropes, ornaments, pulley, cleats, caps, etc…) as well as maintenance and repairs.

Do you have an upcoming flag pole project, reach out to HLA Signs today.

Monument Church Sign Alexandria Louisiana

Smyrna Seventh-Day Adventist Church Sign, Monument Sign, Place of Worship, Alexandria, Louisiana, HLA Signs

Architectural Monument Church Sign, Non-illuminated

For Customizable Outdoor Signs in Alexandria, Louisiana

HLA Signs (318) 295-2035

Smyrna Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Alexandria Louisiana, Custom Architectural Monument Sign by HLA Signs
Smyrna Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Alexandria
Custom Architectural Monument Sign

 Smyrna Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Alexandria, Louisiana recently contracted HLA Signs to design, and install a custom monument church sign. This Architectural Monument Church Sign is designed and built to withstand Louisiana’s climate. With a direct burial concrete foundation and tubular structure it will stand up to these harsh conditions.  The non-illuminated sign face is finished with high performance custom graphics for years of service.
If your place of worship is in the market for a custom sign to make a statement in the community give us a call for a free onsite survey. Help increase your congregation membership. Reach out to HLA Signs today, about your custom church sign project.  

St Mary’s Catholic School Sign Louisiana

St. Mary's School & Church Sign, Non-illuminated Wall Mounted Sign, Cottonport, Louisiana, HLA Signs

St Mary’s Catholic School Sign

Non-Electric – Non-Illuminated Sign

HLA Signs, Your Full Service Louisiana Sign Company

St Mary's School Sign mounted onto exterior building wall
School Sign wall mounted non-illuminated

St Mary’s School asked if we could design, manufacture and install a custom welcome sign to display along the school & church entrance where parents drop off and pick up their children. Our graphics department came up with this cheerful and brightly colored non illuminated school welcome sign which our technicians installed onto the exterior brick wall. Many thanks to St. Mary’s School for allowing us to assist with your custom school sign project. Visit HLA Signs online at

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